Calendar of Events

If you are interested in planning a fundraising event to benefit Oreo’s Animal Rescue, contact us today!


Upcoming Events

Nov 07

Monthly Meeting at Perkins at 6:00pm

Nov 11

PetSmart National Adoption Weekend at 10:00am

Dec 05

Monthly Meeting at Perkins at 6:00pm

Feb 14

For the Love of a Pet Banquet and Auction at 5:00pm

Help us with Donation

If you are unable to adopt, please consider helping our cause with a tax-deductable donation to Oreo’s Animal Rescue, a 501(c)(3) organization. Suggested donation amounts:

  • $25 – Feeds 2 cats for 4 weeks
  • $50 – Feeds 1 dog for 6 weeks
  • $75 – Vaccinates 10 pets for rabies
  • $150 – Sponsors 10 S.N.I.P. discounts